Fat Reduction

Reveal your curves

Encurve: The easy and comfortable way to reduce fat cells permanently

Perfect Frequency to Destroy Adipocyte cells

Pain relief from knee osteoarthritis

Encurve Body Fat reduction

Suitable for Men & Women

How it works:

The special energy penetrates deep into the tissue, targetting the fat cells deep within our tissue. The optimal temperature is reached in order to cause the cell to denaturize through the body’s natural processes.

Focused energy targets the fat cells, the cells then vibrate rapidly creating heat. The heat leads to the death of the cells.

What to expect during treatment

The treatment will begin by placing the head applicator over the targetted area. After setting the parameters, the treatment will start.
A flight warmth will be felt as the energy penetrates the body.

Treatable Areas

  • Upper Arms
  • Abs
  • Love Handles / Flanks
  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Knees

Why Encurve?

  • Comfortable treatment with no pain and no downtime.
  • Treats a variety of areas including arms, abdomen, legs and waist for full coverage natural looking outcomes.
  • Fast and safe treatment.
  • Easy, no contact, anaesthesia or downtime treatment.
  • Individual results may vary

A minimum of 6 sessions is required to treat one area at 1-week intervals.

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