LED Light Therapy

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LED Light Therapy

Low level light therapy with HealiteII is the therpeutic use of light emitting diode to enhance your body’s natural cellular recovery improving healing times, relieving pain, subsiding active acne, promoting skin rejuvenation and more

Treatable Concerns:

  • Active Acne
  • Swelling or Trauma
  • Speeds Healing & Recovery after treatments
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Rosacea
  • Redness
  • Sun Burn

How does it work?

The pain-free and non invasive treatment delivers concentrated energy deep into the tissues affecting the body at a cellular level.

The deep penetrating LED lights are soothing, they target deep into the skin cells to heighten their internal functions, photo stimulate dermal blood flow and induce faster healing, decrease pain, reduce acne and more.


HEALITE II Blue light is used to kill bacteria in the skin, bacteria causes acne, blemishes and inflammation. Blue light combats breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads. Blue light has powerful anti-bacterial properties, used as a decongestant to purify acne prone or problem skin, normalising oil production. For – Active Acne


HEALITE II Red light energy activates the body’s own natural rejuvenation processes to counteract the signs of ageing by activating local cellular metabolism, promoting circulation, accelerating cell renewal and collagen production. For – Non-melanoma Skin Cancer, Skin Rejuvenation, Hair Regrowth, Active Acne.



HEALITE II Yellow light is also used for Acne and Skin Rejuvenation. However the orange light has many other healing functions and can be used to treat; post operative wounds, accelerate healing following cosmetic procedures, relieves pain, relieves muscle and joint pain, arthritis, increase of blood circulation and can even promote hair regrowth. For – Wound Healing, Pain Relief, Muscle and Joints, Arthritis, Muscle Spasm, Temporary Increase of Blood Circulation, Hair Regrowth, Acne Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation.

Need to know

  • A typical treatment lasts between 10-15 minutes.
  • Depending on the concern, a course of up to 10 treatments twice a week is recommended.
  • Although this is a great standalone treatment, it is best to add it to other treatments like microneedling, chemical peels or IPL.





Chemical Peels


Peel years of age and sun damage off your skin with each treatment

Deep Cleansing Facials


These facials are formulated for your individual skin concerns whether it's dullness and dehydration, redness, lines and wrinkles or spot prone.

Microneedling RF


Infini RF provides unparalleled outcomes with high intensity focused radiofrequency technology to stimulate collagen production for impressive results

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