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The Carbon Spectra Peel treatment is renowned for its skin rejuvenation popular almost Hollywood celebrities this is a favourite prior to red carpet events due to immediate smoothing and brightening results

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The carbon peel induces skin rejuvenation through a deep penetration of light energy into the skin, carbon lotion is applied to the skin which acts as a photo enhancer to enhance the attraction of the light for more advanced results.

The skin is heated and the surface exfoliated, while deeper down pigments are broken up. The effects are immediate as well as long term. This peel is the equivalent of 4 chemical peels in one, removing up to 80 microns of dead skin cells from the epidermis leaving refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalised skin. The carbon peel instantly resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin creating a radiant, glowing complexion, while stimulating collagen. The peel minimises enlarged pores, inflammatory acne, fine lines, wrinkles and skin tone.

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A painless laser treatment for oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin & acne.



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